CloudApp File Sharing: Screenshots, Videos, Images Отзывы пользователей


Постоянно. Интерфейс радует

So difficult

I just want to drop an image, and have it copy the ORIGINAL image link to clipboard, instead, it copies the link to site page which I cannot share online to embed the image. Have to then open link in browser, and copy the image link to post. Just silly!

It should re-design Interface !!

The app is great , I used it on My mac and iOS But you really must re-design Interface And move on to Flat Design ! The Interface looks ugly these days Every apps and even iOS apps using Flat Design But this app still on old Interface !


Now I can record and share my white boarding sessions super easily from my phone

Canceled and was charged anyways

Canceled my service a week before annual payment due. They went ahead and charged my card anyways. Don't trust these people!

needs a huge update

i think they forgot about this app years ago. the design and layout is much too narrow and small. audio files stop playing when phone locks. slide options make for clumsy mistakes. takes a long time to refresh. can not upload or save different file types and instead just makes a link to a text file. lol guys put some work into this app! thanks :]

Want a refund

Buy the app and then you can not use it cause you have to pay monthly fee.

Wasted money

Google drive does the same for free don't wast your time o money

Works, requires CloudApp account, slow and buggy

Other reviewers seem not to realize that yes, you need a CloudApp account to use this, and CloudApp is a subscription service. This is not a scam or a rip-off. If this were a good app, it would be worth $2 or more, but unfortunately it's slow to download previews of your files/media, and the UI is kinda buggy. I would give this two stars but am giving it 5 to offset the other reviews and because it is the only CloudApp app being actively developed.

I love CL.LY, but hate this app

it's so slow

Dont download it

I am trying to figure it out what actually this app does to improve my life. Ive thrown $2 away.

Worst ever

Wish I could give a negative star. Wish I would have read the reviews. Horrible horrible app. Don't waste your $2 to download it

Terrible App

Does nothing! I'd like my refund please! This app deserves a negative star rating

Do not pay for download

App is $1.99 just to download (free version). Then you have monthly options for purchase starting at $8.00. This is very misleading, and very inconvenient. You must then send a request for account deletion if not satisfied. I truly hope I get a refund.

I want a refund

This this is pathetic worthless piece of crap dont dwnload this guys it does nothing

No view count update

Unfortunately the iOS app does not show view count updates accurately like the macOS version or web app. Also not real thrilled with their analytics presentation. Would be better to show the breakdown geographically better or even work for that matter because up to now I'm not seeing any real breakout for viewers.


Waste of money and time..


Can't log in.


took my money, won't work, won't log in....


Don't purchase this app. Used my email to try and sign up and says I have an invalid email. This app is a rip off. Very upset and unsatisfied. 😡 Definitely rate it a 0.

Dont buy

Doesn't work with password even when you make a new account it doesn't register the new account after it says its fine! Waste of money!

Please fix !

Won't accept password!!


Hope they are happy they stole 2$ from me. can't get past sign in screen registered with 2 different emails

Won't let me in!

Deleted and rebooted to no avail. Waste of space, it's getting deleted again.

Needs a fix

Like others have noted, the App won't allow me to log in. Frankly this App should work and should be bundled as part of the standard iTunes software Apps.


This app will not let me login. Please fix asap 😡

Don't work

Dont work put passcode 10 times still not working in my iPhone 6 plus are you serious this your product. I will give o if I can thanks for nothing be realistic wake up apple. I have to look for another app.

Works perfectly

I don't know why all the hate! I think the app works great.

Doesn't work

Waste of money, don't buy it.

Works Great!

Desktop and mobile access/management of all my captures. Works flawlessly.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work I want my money back!


It's not working at all



Enjoying CloudApp

DONT CONFUSE THIS WITH APPLE. THIS IS NOT APPLE. IT IS CLOUDAPP. I don't understand why so many clouds haven't made it this easy to share. Brilliant. Saves space when sharing pics, vids, info.

Hacker app

Hacker app don't download this you'll be sorry.


When I grow up I want to be the person who invents a zero star

This is old trick

Developers intentionally make such apps looking exactly same as real product. Aim is to gather those two fields id and pass of whoever once try it with. So be careful and immediately change ur password of ur iCloud or apple id id u tried once.

Can't even log in

Not iCloud! Not an official apple application. Don't bother.


Created account, accepted terms. Nothing happens like I never hit register. Go to sign in, stupid cloud juggles and nothing. Call your self a developer then develop something. Worthless

Can't get into the app

I'll put in my info and it won't log me in

Does not even deserve a 1 star!

I think these ppl r just trying to get other peoples passwords. Fake app!


So I can't upload something and get a link? I have to search after I upload to a specific list of ambiguous uploads to access what I just uploaded? Is this a sick joke?

Would never let me register

I tried to register 10x and it literally would do nothing.. waste of 20 minutes of my life


An immature app. I mean absolute trash. My thirteen year old dog could have done a better job.

Not iCloud

lol spent a few minutes trying to log in be fore realizing this is not apples app.... Should be made clearer

Doesn't Work

I tried logging in but it wouldn't let me in so I tried making a new account 5 times but it still didn't let me in. I even tried the app with 4 different devices and different passwords but it still never let me in

Fake iCloud app.

This is not an app for iCloud. I'm surprised apple allows this on their store. This is misleading and deceptive.

Wow really

This app is terrible it will not let me login to it and it keeps closing out of it

Not good

I singed up then I tried to log in then it said not a user

no good

i will no use it.


This stupid app wouldn't even except my email and password. It didn't work for me.👎🏾

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