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CloudApp File Sharing: Screenshots, Videos, Images app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7440 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: Linebreak
Current version: 1.2.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Feb 2013
App size: 14.34 Mb

CloudApp makes image and file sharing on iOS devices a more enjoyable experience. CloudApp finds the balance between convenience, functionality, and charm — traits that are not normally associated with file sharing.

CloudApp supports iOS Share extensions, so you’ll see Send to CloudApp links when working with Contacts, Maps, etc. and opening everything from Mail Attachments to PDFs.

***Please note this is not an iCloud iOS App and is in no way associated with Apples iCloud product. Please keep this in mind as you download.***

-Upload your images, videos and text effortlessly.
-Select one photo or several.
-Manage files more efficiently or filter by type.
-CloudApp sorts your files by date uploaded, showing your latest files (and their views) at a glance.
-Tap through, to preview files.
-Customized thumbnail view, for images, that makes it easy to scan and flick through your
-Sharing via email, Facebook, and Twitter is straightforward and seamless.
items from previously deleted drops.
-Add file from apps that support document interaction ("open in..").
-Even mundane operations like renaming files are made enjoyable on the iPhone with CloudApp.
-And much much more!

Pros and cons of CloudApp File Sharing: Screenshots, Videos, Images app for iPhone and iPad

CloudApp File Sharing: Screenshots, Videos, Images app good for

DONT CONFUSE THIS WITH APPLE. THIS IS NOT APPLE. IT IS CLOUDAPP. I dont understand why so many clouds havent made it this easy to share. Brilliant. Saves space when sharing pics, vids, info.
Desktop and mobile access/management of all my captures. Works flawlessly.
Ive been waiting for such a great app for a while now. Didnt even think twice before buying and I have no regrets. Take my money :D
I dont like the icon. Its ugly. And there is no way to open a picture from CloudApp in other apps like Camera + or something like that (directly). CloudDrop can do this... So till you change this, Im gonna use CloudDrop ;) But beautiful Settings Design :D

Some bad moments

Impossible to use the extension since iOS10 (paying user) :/ I reported the bug 2 month ago to the support, still not fixed...
Since last update it isnt possible to use the share function in the iOS photo app.
An immature app. I mean absolute trash. My thirteen year old dog could have done a better job.
I tried to register 10x and it literally would do nothing.. waste of 20 minutes of my life
So I cant upload something and get a link? I have to search after I upload to a specific list of ambiguous uploads to access what I just uploaded? Is this a sick joke?
I think these ppl r just trying to get other peoples passwords. Fake app!

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