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extension crashes

Impossible to use the extension since iOS10 (paying user) :/ I reported the bug 2 month ago to the support, still not fixed...

No function

Payed for nothing

Broken since last update

Since last update it isnt possible to use the share function in the iOS photo app.


An immature app. I mean absolute trash. My thirteen year old dog could have done a better job.

Would never let me register

I tried to register 10x and it literally would do nothing.. waste of 20 minutes of my life


So I cant upload something and get a link? I have to search after I upload to a specific list of ambiguous uploads to access what I just uploaded? Is this a sick joke?

Does not even deserve a 1 star!

I think these ppl r just trying to get other peoples passwords. Fake app!

Cant get into the app

Ill put in my info and it wont log me in


Created account, accepted terms. Nothing happens like I never hit register. Go to sign in, stupid cloud juggles and nothing. Call your self a developer then develop something. Worthless

Cant even log in

Not iCloud! Not an official apple application. Dont bother.

This is old trick

Developers intentionally make such apps looking exactly same as real product. Aim is to gather those two fields id and pass of whoever once try it with. So be careful and immediately change ur password of ur iCloud or apple id id u tried once.


When I grow up I want to be the person who invents a zero star

Hacker app

Hacker app dont download this youll be sorry.

Enjoying CloudApp

DONT CONFUSE THIS WITH APPLE. THIS IS NOT APPLE. IT IS CLOUDAPP. I dont understand why so many clouds havent made it this easy to share. Brilliant. Saves space when sharing pics, vids, info.

Works Great!

Desktop and mobile access/management of all my captures. Works flawlessly.

Doesnt work

Waste of money, dont buy it.

Works perfectly

I dont know why all the hate! I think the app works great.

Dont work

Dont work put passcode 10 times still not working in my iPhone 6 plus are you serious this your product. I will give o if I can thanks for nothing be realistic wake up apple. I have to look for another app.


This app will not let me login. Please fix asap

Needs a fix

Like others have noted, the App wont allow me to log in. Frankly this App should work and should be bundled as part of the standard iTunes software Apps.

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